Wednesday, August 19, 2009

something i'd like to learn how to make

i've come to really dislike vinyl designer toys. A) it's just more plastic out there, B) the designer toy market is way oversaturated, and to someone that isn't interested in the names of who made what, they start looking mostly the same. i don't care who splashed some paint on a kubrick/bearbrick/whatever. also, with the technology of 3D printing more readily available, somehow it just all feels a little too easy and not challenging of the medium. all the initial excitement and creativity that i felt when i first saw michael lau's crazy children series over a decade ago, has mostly faded away.

but then i saw these. wooden handmade designer toys. it revives my excitement in what a designer toy can be. (though i think that term sucks. it sounds pretentious, and does not describe the aspect of handmade, and done with an artisan --in my mind at least-- approach, is much more awesome and inspiring.)


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